① Zerodha STREAK Platform Review and FAQ

Zerodha Streak

Zerodha Streak is the latest SEMI-Automated Algo Trading Platform from The House of Zerodha.

The Zerodha Streak Trading platform got released during JANUARY 2018.

The Streak Algo Trading Platform helps a daytrader in India to create alerts for their trading strategy and execute buy and sell orders through their Zerodha Trading Account.

With the introduction of Zerodha Streak, If you have a specific strategy to trade on, you can create an alert and set up a semi automated trading system.


FAQ’s on Zerodha Streak Platform.

1) How to access Zerodha Streak Platform ?

The Streak Platform can be accessed from https://streak.zerodha.com/

2) How to start using the Zerodha Streak ?

To log into the Zerodha Streak Platform, you need to be a Zerodha Trading account holder. Use the same Zerodha Kite Credentials to login into the Zerodha Streak Platform. If you are not a Zerodha Trading Account holder yet. This is the top most reason to Open Zerodha Account Online.

3) After Login to Streak, it asks to grant access to Zerodha details , Why is that and Is it safe ?

The Zerodha Streak Platform works on the API technology that connects your New Streak Account to your Zerodha Trading Account. To semi-automate your strategy this access is required. This is completely safe as the data is encrypted.

4) What are The Zerodha Streak Platform Charges ?

The Zerodha Streak Platform is currently free to use for Zerodha Trading Account holders, during the testing phase.

5) How long is Zerodha Streak Platform Free ?

The platform is free until 31st March 2018. You can use upto 25 backtests and 5 live algos a day.

6) Is there a charge for the orders placed through Streak Platform ?

The Streak Platform is free till 31st March 2018. There are no usage charges for the automation platform. However the orders placed gets charged as per the usual brokerage fees applicable from Zerodha.

7) Can I design my own Strategy using Zerodha Streak ?

Yes. You can design your own strategy using the Zerodha Streak Strategy creator.

8) Are built in Strategies available on The Zerodha Streak Platform ?

Yes. The Zerodha Streak Platform comes with a few predefined built strategy like Simple golden crossover, Golden Short Strategy, RSI Oversold etc.

9) Are the Streak built in strategies back tested ?

Yes. The built in strategies that comes along with the Zeodha Streak Platform are back tested, you can view the back-test results on the dashboard.

10) What kind of strategies can be framed for algo trading on The Zerodha Streak Platform ?

You can define your Strategy Conditions using Standard Candle OHLC values and technical Indicators.

11) What is the minimum time frame on which I can program my strategy on Zerodha Streak ?

The Zerodha Streak Platform currently supports strategies with a minimum time frame of 1 minute candle.

12) What is the maximum time frame on which I can program my strategy on Zerodha Streak ?

The Zerodha Streak Platform currently supports strategies with a maximum time frame of daily candles.

13) Can I create Multi Time Frame Strategies using Zerodha Streak ?

Multi-Time Frame strategies are currently not supported.

14) How are targets and Stop loss determined when auto trading your strategy ?

Targets and Stop-Loss are specified as a percentage of your trade entry price.

15) Can I define my targets and Stop loss using OHLC or Indicator conditions ?

Yes, The latest version of Zerodha Streak supports trade exit based on Candlestick and OHLC conditions.

16) Is it easy to do algo trading using Zerodha Streak ?

Yes. The Streak Platform is designed with you in mind. Its one of the easiest platforms available in the whole world to help you semi-automate your custom Trading Strategies.

17) Do I need to subscribe to any data feed for algo trading on Streak Platform?

No. You do not need to subscribe to any additional data feed. Its all comes built it to the Streak Platform.

18) Do I need to install any Zerodha Streak app to my computer ?

The Zerodha Streak is a cloud based platform. There are no app to download or install.

19) Do I need to stay online to algo trade using Zerodha Streak ?

Once you program your algorithm, its stays in the cloud Server and alerts you on your browser to take action. You then click to place your orders. You need to stay online.

20) Is there an Alert Feature when trades are automatically executed ?

A push notification alert is generated on your chrome browser when alerts are generated on The Zerodha Streak Platform.

21) How many exchanges are supported on Zerodha Streak Platform ?

Streak Platform Supports automated trading on the NSE, India.

22) Which instruments are supported on the Streak Auto Trading Platform ?

Streak Platform helps you automate your strategies on Equity Stocks and Futures Contracts.

23) Can I algo-trade option contracts using Streak ?

OPTIONS trading instruments are not supported for algo-trading.

24) Does Streak Platform Support Arbitrage auto-trading ?

Currently, Streak Platform do not support arbitrage trading.

25) Can I use Zerodha Streak for algo-trading in Commodities / MCX ?

Streak supports Only NSE exchange, Commodities are traded at MCX Exchange which is not supported on Streak.

26) What technical indicators are available on the Streak Platform ?

As on JAN 2018, The following indicators are supported, Supertrend, SMA, EMA, RSI, MACD, BOLLINGER BANDS, OBV, ATR, AROON, CCI, ADX, WILLIAMS R, PSAR.

26) What Candlestick conditions can be coded on Streak Platform ?


27) How many instruments are supported on a single Algorithm ?

Each Algorithm can be deployed for a maximum of 5 instruments. You can create a copy of the same algorithm and run it on the next 5 instruments and likewise.

28) Will I be charged automatically after the Trial Period ?

After the Free Trial Period you need to subscribe for the paid service. You are not charged automatically.

29) How to create ALGO Trading Strategy on Zerodha Streak Platform ?

Creating new ALGO Trading Strategies using Streak Platform is explained here.

30) How much Zerodha Streak cost after Free Trial ?

After the FREE Trial that ends on March 31st 2018, it will cost 500 p.m.

31) How many Algo’s can be backtested on the Free vs Premium.

The Free version supports 25 backtest and the Premium One supports 100 backtests a day.

32) How many Algo-Trading Strategies can be deployed Live on the Free vs Premium.

The Free version supports 5 Live Algo’s  and the Premium One supports 50 Live Algo’s at any one time.

33) How can I pay for the Streak Subscription charges ?

The monthly Streak Subscription charges are directly deducted from your Zerodha Trading Account.

34) Is Streak Platform accessible from a Mobile / Android ?

Yes. The Zerodha Streak is a web based platform , works from a computer or a mobile browser.

35) Is there a dedicated Zerodha Streak mobile / android app ?

Yes. A dedicated Zerodha Streak Notification app is now available for Android phones.


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