Zerodha STREAK : How to backtest ALGO Trading ?

Zerodha Streak Platform helps you design you Trading strategy, back-test the results and deploy it live.

This is a back-test Screen shot for my Nifty Scalping Strategy on 1 min using The Streak ALGO Trading Platform.

Zerodha Ztreak BackTest Algo Trading


How to back-test ALGO Trading on Zerodha Streak ?

After you have Created your Algo Trading Strategy, you can now start back testing the strategy using the Streak Platform.

STEP 1 : Enter the Initial Equity you want to start testing your Strategy. In the above example we use 1,00,000 for back-testing Nifty.

STEP 2 : Enter your position Size. here we use 1 lot of Nifty Futures.

STEP 3 : Define the Stop Loss {2ae29885aa4d60c4d6451808bc09e264537c5b1f79f44e591a43d6ebf5918600} for your Strategy.

STEP 4 : Your Target {2ae29885aa4d60c4d6451808bc09e264537c5b1f79f44e591a43d6ebf5918600}. To back-test this Nifty Scalping Strategy we use 3{2ae29885aa4d60c4d6451808bc09e264537c5b1f79f44e591a43d6ebf5918600} as Target.

STEP 5 : Order Type CNC/NRM for carrying forward positions. Select MIS for same day square of.

STEP 6 : Select the candle time frame you want to back-test your strategy.

STEP 7 : Back-Test Period duration.

STEP 8 : Shows the instrument you are back-testing your strategy.

STEP 9 : The back-test results for your Algorithm gets displayed on the right hand pane.


You can modify your Algo-Trading Strategy on the same back test screen.

After you are satisified with the results, you can Deploy the Back-Tested strategy using the Blue DEPLOY button you see on the same screen.

Alerts are generated on your chrome browser for deployed strategies during live market.