ALGO Trading on Zerodha Pi : FAQ on Tradescript Algorithm.


Algo Trading with Zerodha Pi ( Algorithmic Trading )  is a question that gets asked often. Hello Trader, are you too googling for an answer to this ?

Two stages in algo trading :

  1. Generating a trade signal using a formula on any programming language like tradescript, afl, etc.
  2. Execution of this signal to the exchange. (automatic or manual)

Regulations on automatic trade executions using formulas are set by the exchanges in India.

Currently, to auto execute signals generated by a formula, first the formula needs approval. The formula has to be disclosed to the exchange and approved.

The Exchanges oversees that trading apps distributed for retail use follow these set rules.

As a result of these regulations set by the exchanges on retail trading platforms.

The answer to your question is YES and NO.

Yes, Zerodha Pi can generate a trade signal for you, using Tradescript formula. But No, it will not execute the order unless you click the onscreen OK prompt.

Zerodha Pi ALGO Trading