How to Deploy Zerodha Algo-Trading using Streak ?

Zerodha Algo-Trading can be done using the Zerodha Streak Platform.

You can Create your own algo-trading strategy and deploy it live on the Streak Platform.

The Streak Algo-Trading Platform helps you generates alerts for your deployed strategy.

In this article let us examine , how to deploy your algo-trading strategy live using the Streak Platform.

Create your Streak strategy following the instructions in this tutorial.

Use the DEPLOY button next to your back-tested stategy to make the algo-trading live.

On this next Screen, You need to select if you want to run your strategy INTRADAY or Overnight.

Tick the accept box for the T&C and click the CONFIRM Button.



After Confirmation, you will now see the list of LIVE Algorithms active on your Streak Account.


In case you want to deactivate your LIVE Algo-Trading Strategy, use the STOP Button on the right.

The Algo-Trading Alerts are generated as notification on Your Google Chrome Browser.

You then need to click them to confirm and execute the Trade entry orders using your Zerodha Trading Account.

The target and Stop-Loss Orders are placed automatically along with your Algo-Trade entry Order.

The targets and Stop-Loss orders then stay live on the Exchange servers till end of day.

For more information on other features of The Zerodha Streak Platform, you can check the Review and FAQ Section.