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Upstox seemed to have temporarily disabled their Dartstock trading platform.

If you are keen on using this particular trading platform for some reason, please be informed that this is a white label product also available through other brokers.

Fyers stock broker’s Fyers One trading platform is same as Upstox’s Dartstock trading platform.



The Upstox DartStock Trading Platform Is the Latest ALL in ONE Trading platform from The House of Upstox Brokerage.

The Upstox DartStock Trading Platform supports Technical Analysis, Charting and Order Management.

The Order placing on The Upstox DartStock Trading Platform is done through your Upstox Trading Account.

How to Start using Upstox DartStock Trading Platform ?

As an Introductory offer, Upstox gives 4 months Free Trial.

You can sign up here.

Download the DartStock Windows Application from here.

Read FAQ on The Upstox DartStock Trading Platform.

Will Upstox Start charging for The DartStock Trading Platform after 4 months ?

Most likely NO.

The Upstox Dartstock is exactly the same as The Fyers One Desktop Platform.
Since last 3 – 4 years , the same platform is  distributed for free without any usage charges by Fyers Stock Broker to their clients.
Considering this scenario, Upstox will continue to make it available for free even after 4 months.


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