How to STOP Trading Messages on phone ? SOLVED

Receiving Unsolicited Trading Messages on phone has become a nuisance for many Investors in India.

Traders and Investors in India are getting spammed with such “BUY this, BUY that” SPAM on their mobile everyday.

I used to get these Trading Messages everyday to my Mobile number, till OCT 2017

Then I found this solution that stopped such unsolicited messages to my phone.

After applying the below solution for about a month, I noticed the number of Trading SPAM messages kept decreasing and finally stopped in NOV 2017.

How to STOP Trading Messages on phone ?

  1. After you receive the Trading Message on your phone, report the unsolicited Trading Message to The Telephone Regulatory Authority of India, TRAI.
  2. Use the EDIT or FORWARD option, At the END of the Received Trading Message, INSERT a COMMA,  followed by SENDER NUMBER, followed by ANOTHER COMMA, and INSERT DATE of receiving and forward this to 1909.
  3. If the SENDER NUMBER is not available, use SENDER NAME. Use copy and paste to make the process easier.
  4. The date format should be DD/MM/YY. eg. For 6th September 2017, use 06/09/17.

SCREENSHOT of Trading Messages Reporting Format to TRAI.


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