How to apply for IPO ? For Kotak Bank Customers

Kotak Bank Account holders can apply to an IPO, directly from their Online Banking Platform.

Step by Step Process, Apply for IPO for Kotak Bank Customers.

1) Log into your Online Kotak Bank Account.

2) Choose ASBA from the more MENU

How to Apply for IPO INDIA

3) Use beneficiary menu on left to attach your Demat Account. This is a One Time Process.

Apply IPO Kotak Bank Customers


4) Use APPLY menu on left to Start you IPO Application Process.

Apply IPO Kotak Bank Customers

5) On the next STEP enter the Quantity you want to APPLY for and your maximum bid.

6) Confirm to Submit Application.

7) On application submission, you immediately receive and SMS and email from Kotak bank.

On the close of IPO Issue date, you will receive an application confirmation Receipt from the Exchange by SMS and Email.