NSE NOW Trader vs Zerodha Kite Orderbook Speed.

No retail Trading Terminal in India can match the processing Speed of The NSE’s Now Trader.

In this message posted by zerodha in 2010, we can read that NOW Trader does connect directly to the exchange:

I noticed this difference from the first day of using The Now trader. It was during Sept/Oct 2016.

I place an order at 9:15:01 The order gets filled at 9:15:02, Order filling is done at lightning fast.

now trader order fill

Now Trader vs Other Trading Terminals In India ?

The Order Book data you get on other Terminals In India is 1/2 a second late compared to NOW trader.

If you are a breakout trader , you are most likely watching 1/2 a second delayed top bid and ask levels.

In High Volatility Stocks, The moment you see the top bid or ask, the price is not there in the exchange anymore.


Are you orders not getting filled ? This could be the reason .

You might be placing your Limit orders at a Price that is too late.

Here is a video that compares the Order book of NOW Trader to Zerodha Kite’s Order Book.