If you or your friend is on holiday, workcation with a pet dog

This is an awareness message to the city dwellers who are on holiday, workcation, staycation with a pet dog.

If you or someone you know is on holiday, workcation at the beachside, the hills, the mountains, or your family village and taken a pet dog along, please make sure your dog is on leash at all times when it is taken out in to a public place.

We know that dogs are very friendly to humans and loves to be petted even by strangers, but it happens that most city dweller dog owners are not aware of the territorial behavior of dogs.

In the most sought after holiday, workcation locations of India, the local dogs there have already marked, rule and will protect their territory in packs from outsider dogs.

So you happen to be in an unfamiliar place, a beautiful scenic location and have the feeling to let your pet dog loose off the leash and let it enjoy its freedom for a few minutes. This is possibly the biggest mistake a dog owner can do to their pet dog, leaving a home grown dog, leash free in an unfamiliar territory. Your dog is now vulnerable to the attack of the local pack of dogs protecting that territory. Your outsider dog has no chance defending itself against the pack of local dogs that have marked and owns that territory.  It is one standing against many and it all happens in a matter of few seconds, you won’t even have sufficient time to protect your pet. 

Please convey this awareness message to someone you know is on holiday, workcation, staycation with their pet dog. A bit of awareness of territorial behavior of local dogs can protect them and their pet friend from an unpleasant situation.

Keep your pet dog in leash at all times when you take it outside of its own territory.