Heckyl Stock Screener : What is heckyl ?

What is Heckyl ? Where can I find The Heckyl Stock Screener ?

6 months ago I came across the name heckyl from reading an online blog. That article was about a new stock screening formula for stock trading in India.  The concept was called built up screening and it caught my attention. The article explained on using the options data and spot price for making trading decisions.

This built up screening data was available for a least of 15min time frame. A time frame which was helpful for daytrading. The 15min heckyl built up screener , the technical term for this stock screener. This formula was designed by heckyl software company.

I wanted to try the Heckyl software and began my research on heckyl.

Heckyl’s website explained on how their stock screening platform works. It explained all the features you will find on their platform. All tools required that could make a retail trader the next wolf of dalal street. But forgot to mention how a retail trader can get access to their app.

I phoned Heckyl’s office at Mumbai and came to realize that they do not sell it to the retail traders. The heckyl trading app is designed only for supply to certain brokerage firm’s clients. I had to open a trading account with a big brokerage firm listed as clients on their site to get access to heckyl screener.

Only the big players in the brokerage business bought in to the heckyl platform. No discount brokerages had access to heckyl’s screener formula.

As suggested by the heckyl’s Mumbai office I rung up Edelweiss. Wanted to confirm getting access to heckyl’s app if I opened a trading account with them. To my surprise the Edelwiess sales team had never heard of heckyl.

I phoned heckyl again, and learned that brokerages name the heckyl platform differently. The source-code is bought from heckyl and then re-packaged by the brokerages and supplied to their trading clients. No wonder the sales team at Edelweiss never heard of heckyl. Edelweiss  call it by the petname “T-Lounge app”.

On the conversation again with the Heckyl’s sales team at Mumbai I also  found out that the functions of heckyl screener varies across individual brokerage trading platform. Some provide limited integration of heckyl while some has more addons from heckyl.

So now I asked them, if they could help me find out which brokerage has what functions of heckyl integrated, so I can buy in. The response was “I would like to explain it, can I call you back in half an hour?” You know what happens next, it is too much work for any sales team to do it, never got a call back.

Being turned down by heckyl, I had to gather this important info by signing up for new trading accounts. New trading accounts with all brokerages they have sold it to.

By doing so, I found out the Pandora’s box where the ultimate version of the heckyl’s analytics was hidden. I also found out that the heckyl platform was not just a stock screener platform. This one had the charting and trading terminal integrated into it. Heckyl is an all in one trading platform where you can do your research as well as place buy / sell orders directly to the exchange.

The full package of heckyl formula is on the TICK PRO web app (not the phone app) of Reliance Securities.

Heckyl Software

If you are a trader like me wanting to try out the heckyl screener for your trading,  now you know where to look for. Sign up for a trading account with Reliance Securities.

You may wonder, Was it worth all this effort? Was the Heckyl’s built up screener the magic formula for daytrading ? Another article coming soon.