Explore 5 Useful Features on The Sensibull Options Trading Platform.

Sensibull is the latest Futures and Options Contract Analysis Platform for The Indian Stock Markets. Sensibull also supports F&O order placing to the exchange directly from within the platform itself.

Let us Explore 5 Useful Features on The Sensibull Options Trading Platform.

  1. A Built in toggle button to know the total cost of each Contract. This is a time saving feature and my favorite feature when using Sensibull. Previously traders had to remember the lot size of each individual Instrument and then multiply LTP by lot size. This lengthy procedure is no more required. This new Per Lot Feature on Sensibull saves time when analyzing Options Instruments

  2. A built in events Calendar.  This well organised Events Calendar helps you keep track on all those important dates for Quarterly Results Announcement , RBI Policies and Other Important Global Events.

  3. Volume Spike Screener for Futures Contracts. Helps F&O Traders to quickly identify Instruments attracting large Market participant Interest.

  4. Option Chain Table with Heat Maps. This feature is useful to quickly identify the range of Resistance and Support built-up on Calls and Puts.

  5. Automatic Strategy Building based on your macro view. Input your broader market view and the Sensibull Platform automatically shows you strategy implementation with different Instrument Combination.



Sensibull Options Trading Platform available at: https://sensibull.com