Nifty50 index Futures contract lot-size reduces to 50 quantity from the previous 75.

From July 2021 month futures contract, the lot-size for Nifty50 futures contract gets reduced to 50 quantity. 

Previously the lot-size for Nifty Futures Contract was 75.

With the reduction in the lot-size, the margin requirement for trading derivative contracts of Nifty50 index also gets reduced.

Example, for 75 unit lot-size you required around ~1.62 Lacs INR / ~2225 USD to trade 1 lot of Nifty Futures contract, with the reduction in the lot-size to 50 quantity in the lot  from July 2021, the reduced margin comes to around ~1.1 Lacs INR / ~1500 USD.


F.Y.I ., Lot size for BankNifty Futures Contract remains the same at 25 quantity.