Zerodha Pi : Backtesting and Supertrend Indicator

Zerodha Pi SuperTrend

Can I use supertrend indicator to back-test on Zerodha Pi ?

This a question that gets repeated very often on the online forums.

With the latest release of Zerodha Pi on 22-JULY-2016 the Supertrend Indicator is now available to use as a charting tool on Pi charts.

However, the Back-testing and Scanner engine on Pi works on a programming language, Tradescript.

All the popular technical indicator functions comes predefined in the tradescript language source code.

For some reason the supertrend indicator has not been included as a function in the original source code of tradescript.

Due to this technical limitation, the supertrend indicator conditions cannot be used as a function for back-testing or scanning on Pi.

Back-testing and Scanning on Pi with supertrend conditions will not be possible.