How to run multiple chrome incognito sessions ? SOLVED

Google Chrome Multiple Instances

If you are a web developer, the Chrome Incognito function is like a priceless tool to what you do. However, Chrome shares the same cookie jar across all tabs on the incognito session . This might sometimes seem limiting to what you want to do with the Chrome Incognito function.

To run multiple Incognito sessions that does not share the same cookie jar, you need to use the sandboxie. Sanboxie is a popular software isolation tool that is installed on your windows.

With sandboxie installed, you are can run more than 3 isolated sessions of the chrome that does not share the same cookie jar.

1. Your system default Chrome session.
2. Your system default Chrome Incognito session.
3. Your sandboxed Chrome session.
4. Your sandboxed Chrome Incognito session.

This is a simple solution to over-ride the limiting factor of the Chrome Incognito sessions.


Easier Solution is now available here as a Chrome Extension :