Amibroker AFL Custom Coding and AFL Correction, Service. INDIA

Amibroker AFL Custom Coding

Custom Coding Service for Amibroker Software in India.

Do you have a screening condition or an Amibroker Trading System that needs custom coded on AFL?

You can get your Amibroker AFL requirements custom coded, using our Amibroker Custom Coding service.

Also, We provide service for existing AFL code correction or debugging.


What is the cost for Custom Coding an Amibroker Strategy?

The basic AFL Custom Coding for Amibroker Scanner and Amibroker Exploration will cost you 5k INR upwards..

Please expect to be quoted more if your strategy is complex or If you require an Automated Trading system implemented using your amibroker.

Our AFL coding service is only suited for Amibroker users who already own the software and familiar with its functioning. We help you make your trading ideas or scanning conditions into functioning Amibroker Formula Language codes that runs on your Amibroker. 

Our Amibroker custom coding and developing charges are reasonably priced.

This is no place for messing around, we are responsible for the coding jobs we undertake and offer you a fast and reliable coding service within the time frame agreed upon.

How does our Amibroker custom coding service work?

  1. Talk to the Developer directly over phone ( contact details below ) OR whatsapp your requirements to the AFL developer. You can also email your requirements to [email protected]
  2. Wait for a confirmation response directly from the AFL Programmer within 24 hrs.
  3. Amibroker Screening and Exploration codes are delivered in a couple of days while Trading Systems take a little longer.


Amibroker AFL Writing Contact Information of the Developer and Work Flow.

Name:  Krishna.
Email: [email protected]|
Phone / Whatsapp: +91 728 88 00 845 , MON – SAT, 10AM – 8PM IST.

What to expect from us?  The type of coding jobs we undertake are custom AFL coding for scanning or exploring your trading strategy on the Amibroker trading platform. Linking your amibroker strategy to third party api broker plugins for order execution or algo trading systems.

What not to expect? We do  not offer suggestions / ideas towards developing new trading strategies.  we do not advice you on how to recover from trading loss, do free backtesting or expect to sell you readymade off the shelf trading systems etc. Before contacting the AFL developer, please make sure you have your own strategy to code using our AFL development service. This makes the work flow easier for both the parties.

How to approach? Drop an email / call / whatsapp (preferred), with a summary of your requirement. We will contact you back to confirm if the job can be undertaken or not. Please be ready to provide clear instructions with  Buy, sell, cover, short conditions, Targets , stop loss and two screen shots with Buy and sell signals on the follow up response.

How does the flow work? Approach the developer and wait for the follow up and quote. Once agreed to undertake the coding job, please be ready to make 50 percent of the quoted price as advance payment. After the code is ready, the developer will send the scanned results for cross verification. Once satisfied with results, you can pay the rest 50 percent and take delivery of your AFL files. Paypal payment option is available for International clients.

After sales support: Any deviations from agreed upon logic will be fixed until the next 3 trading days from the date of delivery.

Changes/Enhancements: Any changes/enhancements will be charged extra as per the complexity.

References Live algo trading video Demo: