How to start using Market Profile Charts with Professional TPO Indicator?

This is a continuation of the previous article on How to use Market Profile Charts for Free.

However, If you are looking for a professional grade Market Profile Charting System, the below solution using the free MT4 trading platform offers great value for money.

How to start using Professional Market Profile TPO Indicator?

  1. Download the Free Meta Trader 4  (MT4) Charting Platform from here. Make sure you are downloading MT4 and not MT5. Because the Market Profile Chart TPO indicator we are about to make use of,  works only on MT4.
  2. Activate MT4 data feed from a datafeed provider (search on google for this). After the datafeed is setup, write down your MT4 datafeed account number, which is displayed on the top left of your MT4 window.
  3. Now, Sign Up for The TPO Market Profile Course at Udemy Platform. The course cost between 640 to 1000 INR, depending on discounts. You get a Free Professional  grade Market Profile TPO Indicator for MT4 Platform as a part of the above course material at udemy.
  4. Download the TPO Indicator from the course material section. Copy the Indicator file to this folder C:\Program Files\FXCM MetaTrader4\MQL4\Indicators.
  5. Send the above MT4 datafeed account number on step 2 to the course Instructor, via Udemy Student Instructor chat.
  6. Wait for the course instructor to issue you the Licence key for the downloaded TPO Indicator.
  7. Enter the Licence key when you load the TPO Indicator on the MT 4 paltform. All done and good luck.


Here are some screenshot of how the above discussed setup for TPO Market Profile Indicator looks on MT4 charts.