Fyers Securities: How to Link Aadhaar Card to Trading Account?

Do you need to link Aadhaar Card to your Fyers Trading Account?

If your Trading account with Fyers Securities is not linked to your Aadhar Card Number yet. It is time to get your Fyers back office database updated with your aadhaar card before 31st Dec 2017.


How to update your Fyers Trading Account with Aadhar Card details?

Fyers Securities do not have an online aadhaar linking facility yet.

To update your aadhaar card to your Fyers Trading Account, you need to send a Scanned copy / Photo of your aadhaar card to [email protected]

Write the SUBJECT OF YOUR EMAIL as: Your Client ID > Link my aadhaar. eg, FJ0039 > Link my aadhaar.

After receiving your email the Fyers back office will then link your aadhaar to your Trading account.

To inquire, more regarding the same, please use the contact information available here: