FataFat Stock Screener: Features Explained.

FataFat Stock Screener: Screening Features Explained.

If you hover your mouse on ROW 1 of each screening column, the screening conditions automatically shows up as a pop up message.

 Screening COLUMN Feature Explained
 SYMBOL Identifies the stock by Company Name.
 CHART One-click access to google finance live charts.
 SECTOR Identifies each Company by Sector.
 LTP, OPEN, HIGH, LOW Displays Last Traded Price, Open, High and Low values for the day
 CHANGE Percentage
Displays the current day change in Price as a Percentage.
 INTRADAY Percentage Displays the current change in price from Open Price as a Percentage ( does not account for gaps).
 GAP Displays the Opening gaps Percentage for the day ( positive values for the gap up and gap down as negative values ). Ready at 9:10 AM
 GAP FILL Screens stocks which have opened with a gap and gets filled during Intraday.
UP = Stock opens gap down but prices go up later and fill gap to the upside.
DOWN = Stock opens gap up but price moves down and fills gap to the downside.
 VOLUME Percentage 
Displays the relative volume for the day as a Percentage.
Compares today’s trading volume as a percentage of 3 days average traded volume.
Higher the traded volume percentage the more actively the stock is traded today.
CAN be used during the pre-open session and throughout the day to screen stocks with huge volume.
 PRE OPEN VOL Percentage Screens today’s pre-open volume as a percentage of 5 days Pre-Open volume.
Includes only pre-open volume and used alongside GAP column to find stocks with huge volume, mostly news related stocks.
Higher the percentage the better.
 ALERT Screens for stocks that are moving towards the Daily pivots or resting on pivots during intraday, awaiting intraday moves.
 PIVOTS, S1, S2,R1,R2 Visual screening of LTP in relation to today’s Daily Pivot points.
 NEW HIGHS AND LOWS Screens stocks that are making new intraday Highs or Lows. Ideal to track stocks with active price movements.
 NEAR Screens stocks where the LTP is very near to today’s Highs or Lows.
Ideal to screen stocks that are about to breakout or Break down.
 DMA 5 and 13 Screens if 5-day simple moving average is above or below the 13 days moving average.
Ideal for screening the short term trend of the stock.
 200 DMA Displays the deviation of LTP to 200 Day Moving average.
Ideally, use to avoid intraday trades on stocks that are deviated very far from the 200 DMA.
Avoid taking long intraday positions on stocks below the 200 DMA and vice-versa.
 OPEN = Screens for stocks that match OPEN = LOW or OPEN = HIGH strategies
 LTP to YEST Screens LTP in relation to Previous days trading range. useful for Previous range Breakout Traders
LTP > YH = Current price above Yesterday High.
LTP < YL = Current price below Yesterday Low.
 AFTER 10:15 AM Screens for 1st-hour Open range breakouts, based on Open range Breakout Trading Strategy.
ABV OR  = Current price above 1st-hour Open range.
BLW OR = Current price below 1st hour Open Range.
 AFTER 2:45 PM Screens for Stocks Making Last minute breakouts and creating new highs and lows after 2:45 PM.
Ideal to screen for stocks where institutional investors come in to accumulate in the closing session.
 NIFTY Weightage Screen and Filter stocks by Nifty Weightage. Filter with this column to Screen only NIFTY 50 Stocks.
 BANK NIFTY Weightage Screen and Filter stocks by Nifty Weightage. Filter with this column to Screen only BANK NIFTY Stocks.
 NR7 & NR4 Breakouts Screens for stocks breaking out of Narrow range day 7 or day 4.
Ideal for Positional and Intraday traders.
 PATTERN INSIDE = Yesterday’s candle had an Inside pattern formation.
DOJI = Yesterday’s candle had a doji pattern formation.
 TOP / BOTTOM Ideal for Screening Reversals, Pullback
TOP = Screens stocks that have formed an ideal short-term  top pattern formation yesterday.
BOTTOM = Screens stocks that have formed an ideal short-term bottom pattern formation yesterday.
 CLOSING Screens Stocks that are continuously closing higher or lower for the previous 2 or 3 days.
 VOLUME Screens stocks with a continuous increase in daily traded volume for the previous 2 or 3 days.
 GAPS Screens stocks that have an opening gap up and closing higher and vice versa for the previous 2 or 3 days.
Ideal for Gap reverse, Gap and Go Strategy trading
 3 DAYS Screens for stocks with a continuous price increase or decrease with increase in daily volume for the previous 2 and 3 days.
 BOUNCE Screens for Stocks bouncing of the 20 days moving average.
Ideal for Positional traders.
 REVERSAL Screens stocks reversing now from 3 days of continuous up or down movement.
 INTRADAY STOCK PROFILER Profiles stocks strength based on breakouts above or below 2 days high and low.
 True High’s / Low’s Screens for Intraday Highs and Lows, above below Yesterday High and Low.
 Prev. Day High Rejection Screens for Intraday Price getting rejected at Previous day’s High Levels.
 Prev. Day Low Bounce Screens for Intraday Price getting bounced up at Previous day’s Low Levels.
 15MIN and 30MIN ORB Screens stocks breaking out of the First 15 and 30 minutes opening range. Ideal for ORB intraday traders.
 1st HR VOL STRENGTH Screens today’s First-hour trading volume to 3 previous days 1st-hour trading volume. Screens for stocks active in the opening session.
 VOLATILITY Displays daily volatility of each stock based on previous 5 days trading range.
 MONTHLY Percentage Screens for the monthly change in the price of each stock.
Ideally used to screen for the Monthly trend of a stock.
 RSI Displays the Daily Relative Strength Index values.
 ATR Displays the Daily Average True range values.
 FLOAT Displays the quantity of Free Float shares in the open Market.
Ideal for traders who want to daytrade only in small and medium free float stocks.
 ENGULFING Screens for Bullish and Bearish Engulfing candle formation on previous day candle.
 GAP and REVERSE Screens for stocks that continuously open Gap Up and closes Down or vice versa for the previous 2 & 3 days.
Ideal for opening GAP Traders, Reversing Gaps behavior.
 OPEN INTEREST Percentage Displays previous days change in OPEN Interest as a percentage. Updated EOD.
 FUTURES CHANGE Percentage Displays previous days change in corresponding FUTURES Contract Price as a percentage. Updated EOD.
 DMA 20 50 Screens if 20-day simple moving average is above or below the 50 days moving average.
 DMA 50 200 Screens if 50-day simple moving average is above or below the 200 days moving average.
 ALGOsheet Additional Tab on the Premium Version..
 Top 5 Dashboard Top 5 Screening for quick market summary.
(Proprietary Algorithm)
Identifies the MASTER TREND Direction of the stock based on previous days candle.
Helps to avoid intraday trading against the Master Trend Direction or choose to trade stocks only with a clear Trend Direction.
(Proprietary Algorithm)
Screens Stocks that are ready to SWING UP.
Ideal for positional and SWING UP traders.
(Proprietary Algorithm)
Potential BTST reference charts at 3.20 PM.

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