Brokerage Free Trading Account : Zero Brokerage Share Trading in INDIA

Brokerage Free / Zero brokerage ?

I have come across this before on the adverts of existing discount brokers in India. Zero brokerage with fixed monthly charges, zero brokerage with one time payment for a lifetime subscription, zero brokerage on just buy orders, fixed charges per order, etc, etc. All such offers designed to lure in the beginner retail investors into rip off schemes.

I phoned Finvasia brokerage Firm to double check their free brokerage policy on their trading accounts. They confirmed they had a honest Free brokerage policy, provided you use only The NOW Trading Platform.

The Now Trading app for daytrading or investing in equity and the FnO segments of the Indian stock market. You get free access to the NOW trading app of NSE, the online web portal, the windows trading app and the dedicated phone app.

I was more than happy to use the NOW app for placing my free daytrading orders.

Signing up for a Free Trading account with Finvasia:

Free Stock Trading in India

I signed up for a Free Trading account with Finvasia, with all segments activated.

All I needed from FinVasia was a Trading account with the zero brokerage and the rest I could figure it out myself.

The account was activated and ready for trading very quickly.

After a month of daytrading brokerage free in India through Finvasia, I will continue to use Finvasia. Their quality of customer service is top quality. Their back-office reporting system though basic is perfect. After a bit of initial customization , daytrading through the NSE’s NOW Trader windows platform has been stress free. All this quality service and not a penny charged as brokerage.

PLEASE NOTE: As of November 2019, Finvasia has made the NEST Platform, the NOW platform and their own Scalpert platform free to use for their clients. Use any of these Trading platform to trade at zero brokerage with Finvasia. 

Finvasia’s Trading Account with Zero Brokerage is ideal for:

  1. Beginner as well as expert daytrader’s who wants to save money by going brokerage free.
  2. Beginner daytrader’s who tend to over-trade and loosing out on heavy brokerage charges.
  3. FnO traders who are currently paying Rs.100, Rs.40 or Rs.20 to other brokers.
  4. Traders who want to use Finvasia’s free call and trade facility.
  5. Traders who feel that they are not getting back what they pay for from their current brokerage firm.