AUTO TRADING Software, Robots in India | FAQ

Auto-Trading Software and Robots has become a hot topic for discussion in the Indian Stock Market.

In this article we will discuss some of the Frequently Asked Questions on Auto-Trading in The Indian Stock Markets.

What does an Auto-Trading Software do?

An Auto-Trading software helps the stock trader to automate the BUY & SELL orders to the Stock Exchange.

What are the different stages in using an Auto-Trading Software?

To start using an Auto-Trading Software, The user needs to first plan a trading strategy and define the risk. This strategy then needs coding into an Algorithm. Finally it is deployed for live stock market trading.

How to start using an Auto-Trading Software in India?

Ready-made Auto-Trading Software and Robots are now available in India. A stock trader can now subscribe to one of these packages and get started with Algo-Trading in India.

How much does an Algo-Trading Software subscription cost in India?

The subscription for Auto-Trading Software are available on a monthly basis. The average pricing for an Auto-Trading software in India is about 1000 INR for a month.

What are the popular Auto-Trading Platforms available in India?

Popular Auto-Trading Platforms in India includes Zerodha Streak, Auto Trader, Trade Academy Scanner etc.

Do I need to subscribe for extra data-feed when subscribing to Auto-Trading software?

The Auto-Trading software now available in the Indian Stock Market do not need extra data-feed subscription. The data-feed comes already inbuilt along with your monthly subscription.

How can I get my strategy coded for Auto-Trading in India?

If you have your own strategy and needs help with setting it up. You can avail our Auto-Trading Developer and coding service.